Phil Gould

“Given the parlous state of the world it feels important to remind ourselves of the beauty that comes with our humanity, with all our foibles, our failures, our struggles, our demons and despite (or even because of) the scars we carry from the lives we’ve lived until now. We are all made more beautiful, more human by the wounds we pick up along the way. Often the damage that’s done to us, or we do to ourselves, is the basis of our compassion for others.”

Following the many successes achieved by Level 42, Phil decided to take his own solo route, spending his time raising his family whilst exploring other music genres, collaborating with myriads of talented artists and continuing to write, away from the pressure of a major touring band. Now having finished his first signed project since his Level 42 days, Phil is finally ready for the world to hear his new sound.

“This album is the realisation of a number of different approaches to collaborative music making” says Phil, “moving from country to country, either physically or via the internet, with contributions from friends in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy & North America, dialling into the finer points of production while also allowing the players on each track the room to breath, and taking the better part of six months to mix the results, often figuring out what was and what wasn’t necessary in the the process.”