Luca Wilding – Ruby, Don’t Cry

“Ruby, don’t cry” is the latest track to be shared by Luca Wilding, his third track to be released this year by Abbey Records.

The surrounding production, warping and distorting as his vocal ebbs and flows to a sad but oh so beautiful crest. Though his lyrics are resigned, his delivery is anything but. It is a moment of total abandon, when the multitudinous aspects of a personality coalesce to form something uncompromising. Poetic mysticism and ancestral remembrance have always been deeply embedded in Luca Wilding’s music. There is a transcendent quality in his unique expression: his ethereal singing aches with haunting sensitivity and the way he poetically weaves dreamlike imagery and the shared human experience, together often moves
listeners to tears. There seems to be medicinal quality to his music that is undeniable and sought after in an often destructive and unprecedented time.
The track is part of his upcoming first EP, to be released later this year.