Luca Wilding – Johanna

Luca Wilding releases his second single « Johanna » this summer, a beautiful dream-folk song, dust falls from an age-old story that lands in a whole new world. Growing up between Devon and “the grey anywhere” of Greater London, Wilding never played an instrument in his youth but did grow up around thegunslinger ballads and time-old story-songs that his family would sing together. It was mythical beauty of Leonard Cohen’s that first made him want to be a songwriter, however, and after divulging this information to a teacher and getting a mixtape in return full of the great singer-songwriters, he began writing. The singer / songwriter has constructed a folk composition that draws from the richness of the human experience and his own unique flavour of mysticism. He transitions away from the complex but folk-adjacent that defined his previous single ‘Heartachers’ with a bold statement piece that demonstrates the breadth of his ambition. A natural calmness and beauty pervades the new single, which allows « Johanna » such an infectious friction. Wilding’s iridescent vocal delivery continuously breaks the gloom like a golden thread, effortlessly gliding above the thunderclouds. A front-row seat to Wilding upcoming debut album.