As We Leave – Stories We Tell

Like enjoying the first beer of summer, sat on the grass with both feet in the cold lake « Stories We Tell », the new single by As We Leave feels like a half remembered dream from a glorious moment from your past, now frozen in time, where the shimmers of possibilities and fragments of reality melt
together and seemingly familiar voices call to you from somewhere out of sight. A texture nearly like an overcoat, a shape almost like a well known body. Almost, until As We Leave beckons you into the reality. « Stories We Tell » is a shedding of one old thing to reveal something new. This single is like a well laid plot, it flows and just as a distortion begins to drift in, some swift wind carries the melody away. As We Leave’s music is the outcome of the search for a sound. It moves in the darkness and floats outdoors.
Recorded in Sandown, Isle Of Wight, it became engulfed in techniques that explore the relationships between body and mind through improvisation, fun and friendship. All four members have all known each other since high school and have all played in several bands which has guided
their approach to this new project. Here, in this seemingly postcard landscape, they are surrounded by everything they need, they just have to put the pieces together. A distinctive day dreaming routine that suits them well. The single was mixed and mastered by the Isle of Wight based producers, Jim & Rob Homes.