Phil Gould

Phil Gould is a Drummer, Composer, Songwriter & Producer who was a founding member of British band – Level 42, who achieved International success in the 1980s. He is now an independent artist releasing solo work along with collaborations across Europe.

Phil was born in Hong Kong, but grew up on the Isle of Wight, playing drums from the age of 15 in local bands, often with his brother Boon Gould, and went on to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London. While there, Phil became part of studio band ‘M’ (formed by Robin Scott around his global hit ‘Pop Muzik’) where he met renowned French keyboardist Wally Badarou (Grace Jones, Talking Heads). Wally & Phil collaborate to this day.
Level 42 formed not long after, the founding members being Mark King, Mike Lindup, Boon & Phil, with Wally as an unofficial fifth member who contributed to all the bands recordings. This original Level 42 line-up recorded 7 studio albums and 1 live album, achieving global success across Europe & North America.
Since his departure in 1994, Phil has worked with a number of artists as a session musician and producer. In 2007, Phil, along with co-producers Rupert Brown & Neil Black, released the album Terraforming.
In 2009, Phil released his debut Solo album – Watertight. Featuring his former bandmates Mike, Wally & Boon.

Now in 2020, Phil releases a brand new album alongside Abbey Records.