Luca Wilding

Raised in the grey anywhere of Greater London, Luca never played an instrument in his youth. It was a family tradition of gunslinger ballads and time-old story-singalongs, and his eventual love for Leonard Cohen, that spurred him to begin song writing. Inspired later by a mixtape gifted to him by his supportive schoolteacher, he set out to achieve his ambition.

Luca went on to develop his song writing abilities, drawing on his study of literature and poetry and developed his vocal into the unique sound that continues to define this talented artist.

Luca has been working with Abbey Records on his debut EP ‘To’, with a follow up EP already in the works.

“With breath-taking emotional vulnerability and indie folk finesse” Atwood Magazine

“Gently plucked guitar strings and Wilding’s ethereal vocals build to a crescendo in this London artist’s new soul-stirring track.” Wonderland

“An excellent all-around debut. Definitely worthy of being placed on anyone’s playlist” Music News

Booking agent: Olly  Hodgson/Paradigm